East Bay Book of Life: Statement Guidelines

East Bay Book of LifeWe invite members of the East Bay Jewish Legacy Society to share a part of their Jewish stories by writing a page to be included in the East Bay Book of Life.

Write your 150-word statement and submit a photograph; we will make it into a page that you can sign at our next Book of Life event.

Want to get started? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Read a few examples. You can find some here.

  2. Consider starting by answering questions about your history and values. Pick a few of the following, or make up your own:
    • What was your Jewish upbringing like? Where did you, your family, and/or your ancestors come from?
    • What or who were your greatest influences in shaping your Jewish identity and/or commitment to supporting the Jewish community?
    • What is most significant to you about being Jewish?
    • What are your hopes for the Jewish community of the future?
    • What do you hope to accomplish with this gift?
    • What else would you like people to know?

  3. Make it personal. Statements with personal stories, philosophies, and/or feelings are often the most meaningful for you and others.

  4. Write what you want, and then edit. Keep the long version to share with your family. For your Book of Life page, choose the most essential points, and edit to about 150 words. (MS Word gives you a word count in the lower left corner.)

  5. Find a photograph you love. Electronic files should be high-resolution, but they need not be professional – just something that represents you.

  6. If you get stuck or would otherwise like to have some help, reach out to your organization’s legacy team leader or professional. They can help you or call on resources from the Create a Jewish Legacy program.

Submit your statement and photograph to your legacy team leader or professional. If you only have a printed photo, send to Create a Jewish Legacy, Jewish Federation of the East Bay, PO Box 370, Berkeley, CA 94701-0370; it will be handled with care and returned.

For more information, contact Steve Brown, Create a Jewish Legacy Program Director at (510) 809-4915 or steveatjfeddotorg.